Why Choose Us?

It's real easy to say "pick us, because we are the best", but it is another thing to prove it.   

Here are the reasons why you should consider Healing Arts Center when choosing your physical therapist.

1)  Doctorate Level Physical Therapy-  One of the primary differences between the Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) and the Doctor (DPT) is the duration of the degree.  The typical MPT program is a 2 year long program with only 15 weeks of clinical experience.  The typical DPT program is a 3 year program that requires 1 full year of clinical experience.  During that added year (and almost 6 times the clinical experience) the Doctor of Physical Therapy dives much deeper into physcial health systems evaluation and analysis, pharmacology, imaging, healthcare management, preventative medicine, well-being, and pathology -- with an emphasis on evidence-based treatment.

2)  Hand's on Physical Therapy-  We pride ourselves at being the best "hands-on" manual physical therapy in the area.  We don't just throw you a tennis ball and tell you to rub up against the wall.  Recently we had a patient who had transferred to us from on of the local big-box therapy departments.  When one of our therapist began to put their hands on the patient, he said "what are you doing?".  After explaining to him what we were doing, he told us he had been doing therapy elsewhere for several months and no one had ever touched him!  Our therapists are well-trained in Manual Therapy.

3)  Excellent Patient Care-  Our patients love us.  We love watching them get back to the life they are looking for. 

4)  Ability to think outside the box-  Because we are a part of a boutique multi-specialty clinic, we have at our access other doctors and providers from other specialties that allow us to see you case in a unique way.

5)  Ability to refer-  Because our Physical Therapist is Doctor, not only are we neuromuscular experts, but we be are fully-capable care coordinators.   We have the breadth of knowledge necessary to serve as your first point of medical contact-- and refer to other specialties when appropriate.  

6)  You become family and not just a number- We get to know our patients.  We care about our patients.  We treat our patients like family and not just a cog in a giant wheel of therapy.

7)  HOPE-  We tell our staff and patients on a regular basis that the only actual thing we offer here is "HOPE".  Hope that we will help you.  Hope that we will help find you answers.  Hope that we will NOT abandon you when it is something that we don’t treat.  HOPE that we will find you the best treatment for your problem… even if it isn’t something that we offer at our clinic.

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